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Harvest 2021 with Under the Influence

The seasons move in a wonderful rhythm, and this is especially evident in a vineyard, where cold and leafless winters, break into the hopeful buds of spring, and eventual fruits of the summer harvest. We joined the team at Belfield this week to harvest Cabernet Franc grapes for Radford Dale. What a privilege it was to get into the vineyard and in touch with nature, as the 2021 harvest shares its story. Here are a few pictures of the day, and a video taken in the secret cellar and after harvest, also welcoming our learners to the 2021 first term of Beverageintelligence Learning.

The obligatory grape and tractor pose with some of the Under the Influence SA team.

David Trafford, of De Trafford winery, was also on the farm this week as we harvested Merlot for his new Cabernet Sauvignon driven wine, sourced from Belfield.

Beautiful Cabernet Franc fruit.

Hard working harvesters! Zara, Richard and Pete.

Welcome to the first term of 2021 in the Beverageintelligence learning program - here we are on Harvest Day.


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