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Under the Influence of Kenya

Ahhhh Kenya, the wild wild East of Africa. When I first met Allister in 2015, he was a man with a dream and a vision; to bring Under the Influence into East Africa. Little did I know I would be an integral part of bringing Kenya under the influence. For any new business, especially one supplying products, the biggest challenge I find is getting the supply chain right. A common complaint we hear is that suppliers are just not consistent and reliable. Sourcing wine from South Africa or any other wine region has the added complexity of unpredictable shipping, lead times and local clearance issues. This means we have to find the best and most efficient way to be able to become a reliable and c

From Bartender, to Chef to Wine Merchant | A year in the life

Five years ago, as an overambitious young man, newly armed with his degree in Business Law I returned to Zambia – though not the country of my birth, most certainly my adopted home. How proud the parents must have been I thought, to finally have a university graduate in our family’s ranks. How sad it was in reality when they found out I wouldn’t be using it, and that my love of food and wine - very much bequethed to me by my mother’s life time in the F&B industry – had left such an impression on me that I dived right into F&B instead, making university an expensive three-year party. In fact, I don’t even know where my university diploma is (might be in the cubby hole of my car…I think) but c

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