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Under the Influence Tree-bate

We are really excited to announce our Tree-bate to our customers across the continent in Africa. We will be planting trees, and flowering shrubs (for our bees), for every pallet of wine we ship to you. We are kicking this off with a tree planting day with our team at our year end bash, and then into the new year with collaborations with Seedball Kenya and other innovative programs on the continent. Under the Influence wants to make an impact in projects across Africa.


We want to be a company that makes a difference. We will continue to offer our customers Beverageintelligence Rewards for training and uplifting their staff and drinks offering. We have trained over 20,000 waiters and bartenders in Africa and want to grow this dramatically! So in future you will see what training rewards you have earned, but also how many trees we are planting on your behalf.

Seedballs Kenya

We are very lucky to work with a wide range of companies in Africa that are committed to community upliftment and environmental protection programs. Thank you to all of you (lodges, hotels, brand partners) who have inspired us to take action. It is not just about growing at all costs, let's see what we can put back into our planet and our people. If that means that over time we create a smaller but better balanced business, for good, then we are happy.

We aim to scale this project up and "open source" it to challenge our fellow beverage industry companies to match or exceed our Tree-bate. We are also engaging with our logistics partners to join this program. This can enable a value added network which has a multiplier effect. Think of it like how the government taxes us multiple times using VAT. This time however it will be Value Added Trees. Green VAT!

This will also link to some other fun projects. See you soon for a G and Tree! ;-)

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