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Under the Influence of our Customers

"We are very proud to be launching the latest version of Beverageintelligence to our customers, aimed at enhancing our training offering and our customers list management abilities."

Since we turned the ripe old age of 10 this year, we have looked back on where we came from, and looked forward to where we are going. We are very happy to have survived this far, and even more so to have thrived on this beautiful but challenging continent of ours. Africa is not for the faint of heart, just ask our team leaders on the ground in Zambia and Kenya!

While a lot has changed in ten years, one thing has remained true. Our values, and particularly those focused around our purpose. Our goal has always been to help our customers maximise their beverage returns. The two main channels to achieve this are to help them maximise their Guests' experience, as well as their inventory returns. Early on, working hand in hand on the ground with our customers, we realised that training is key to Guest experience. It enables your team to be confident, give outstanding service, and eventually deliver a personalised hospitality and DNA that so clearly communicates a property's values. On the inventory side, we spent a lot of time working out which wines and other beverages would work, with which Guests, and how to stock them optimally. Too much and you have capital tied up! Too little and you have your team tied in knots trying to remember what is in stock!

Beverageintelligence training course in action in Nairobi, Kenya.

Throughout this process, we have tried to remain customer focused. It is the reason we spend so much time on the ground, in lodges, hotels and every type of outlet, around the continent. It is also the reason we have worked very hard with the team from Beverageintelligence to develop a system that can assist us to achieve our goal. Maximising our customers beverage returns. We are really excited to be launching the Beta phase of our new Beverageintelligence platform. Here are some of the highlights!

Online University - We believe strongly in a balance of training. Linking live training modules, to continuous coaching and e-learning. Our customers will have complimentary access to courses tailored to their beverage list, focused on empowering staff to grow their brand knowledge, hard skills and confidence.

Beverageintelligence Online University

Stock ordering guide - We have often assisted customers to either move stock out of their stores before placing new orders or refreshing lists, and have now developed an algorithm to help guide you to order and hold the correct stock levels.

Forecasting tools

Coaching tools - We have created a new wine board game and set of coaching tools to leave behind, to assist in constant learning in the property vs ad-hoc interventions.

New Spirits 101 course - with the large demand in our spirits and tonic offering, we have launched a new Spirits course, which is part of our onboarding process for new spirits clients. We are also starting to build a digital course to support this in the field.

We are really excited to be rolling out this BETA phase set of features to our customers, as part of our service. We will be travelling the length and breadth of the continent to get your feedback on how we are doing, and how the new Beverageintelligence features might positively influence your business. See some of the feedback on our training this year so far here.

Like everything we do, this is just part of the journey, as your feedback and the outcomes that are created will continuously lead us to improve our service and optimise our end goal. See you on the road!

"We believe that our work does not end when our customers receive their beverages from us, in fact, this is when it begins.

Using our propriety beverage list management and training platform, BeverageIntelligence, we not only supply our customers with bespoke beverages but enable them to maximise their beverage returns and guest experiences."

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