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Under the Influence Tree-bate

We are really excited to announce our Tree-bate to our customers across the continent in Africa. We will be planting trees, and flowering shrubs (for our bees), for every pallet of wine we ship to you. We are kicking this off with a tree planting day with our team at our year end bash, and then into the new year with collaborations with Seedball Kenya and other innovative programs on the continent. Under the Influence wants to make an impact in projects across Africa. We want to be a company that makes a difference. We will continue to offer our customers Beverageintelligence Rewards for training and uplifting their staff and drinks offering. We have trained over 20,000 waiters and bartender

Under the Influence of the Victoria Falls

In June of this year, I packed up my possessions for Livingstone, Zambia. With cat, girlfriend, and bedding in tow, we made the 7-hour journey from Lusaka (formerly home) to our new little house on a farm not 10km as the crow flies from one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World - Victoria Falls. Why would we decide to move from home to the hottest town on the planet (ok slight exaggeration…or is it?!) and start a new adventure? Not because of what is, but because of what can be. The ‘Zambezi Region’ as we now call it, encompasses Victoria Falls town, Zimbabwe, Kasane, Botswana and Livingstone, Zambia. We believe that the success of this amazing region is much like the education we provid

Under the Influence of Craft

Artisan and Craft- These are the two trendiest words at the moment when it comes to alcohol. But what exactly is a craft product and how do we define it? More importantly, how important is it to you the drinker, if your beverage is craft or not? For most people, we imagine a craft beverage as a drink made in some mysterious facility by equally special people who only care about small volume production, unique ingredients and love for what they do. We probably imagine that they spend their days foraging hills for unique ingredients like Angelica root, buchu and kapokbos (wild rosemary). They distill their products with saltwater from an ocean cave or from an ancient spring high in some unknow

Our love letter to South African Wine

It has been such an exciting journey, over the last eleven years, for us to see the growth in quality and terroir driven wines in South Africa. Wines that have an address, and wines that are made by the most incredible people. We decided to compose a video love letter to South African wine, in collaboration with Beverageintelligence. We hope you enjoy it!

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