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Under the Influence of the Douro

We were extremely fortunate to visit the Douro wine region in Portugal, where we were told that there are two seasons. Winter, and hot as hell! We are very excited about the quality and diversity of wines coming out of this region. The Douro wine valley is a must visit for wine lovers, and has an incredibly rich history. It is traditionally known as the region where Port wines are made, but it happens to product just as many still wines as fortified. Similar to regions in France, our friends the Cistercian monks established monasteries in the area and carved out some incredible vineyards from the harsh climate and steep slopes. The Douro river is now dammed in various places and one can crui

Bespoke Beverageintelligence training courses

At Under the Influence we have always believed that training should be personalised to the people and the property, and their values and Guest / Customer outcomes. For this reason we created the focused Beverageintelligence training program. This is a quick overview of what we stand for when it comes to hospitality, and in particular beverage and service training. We believe strongly at Under the Influence that focusing on values and purpose will dictate the outcomes. Here are some keywords that showcase our values and purpose when it comes to Beverageintelligence training: Confidence - one of our major goals is to build confidence in our learners. Culture - we are not trying to build Swiss

Meet the Wine Advisors - Reese from Abu Camp

At Under the Influence we are passionate about wine education and hospitality education, so much so that we have worked very hard with the team from Beverageintelligence to train over 20 000 staff in Africa on our courses. Each learner at a property enrolls in the Beverageintelligence Wine101 course, and then top performers enter our Wine Advisor program, with further training, and access to our online courses. One of the further training elements, is our Cape Wine Advisor course where we invite the best of the best from our clients to join us on an intensive 7 day course. One of our stars, Reese from Abu Camp in Botswana, spent some time with her team recently, coaching them from what she h

Beverageintelligence Cape Wine Advisor Program

Under the Influence has a huge focus on hospitality and beverage training. We believe, that as a beverage company our work begins when our customers receive their wines and craft products. To achieve this we have created the Beverageintelligence training program, and one of the pillars of this is the Cape Wine Advisor course. Every year we invite the top performers on our Beverageintelligence training programs to join us on an intensive Cape Town based beverage training course. Our aim is to not just teach hard skills, but enable the Wine Advisors to speak to their Guests and customers with confidence about the people and places behind the wines, craft beers and spirits. A focus on brands de

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