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Bespoke Beverageintelligence training courses

At Under the Influence we have always believed that training should be personalised to the people and the property, and their values and Guest / Customer outcomes. For this reason we created the focused Beverageintelligence training program. This is a quick overview of what we stand for when it comes to hospitality, and in particular beverage and service training.

We believe strongly at Under the Influence that focusing on values and purpose will dictate the outcomes. Here are some keywords that showcase our values and purpose when it comes to Beverageintelligence training:

  • Confidence - one of our major goals is to build confidence in our learners.

  • Culture - we are not trying to build Swiss waiters or sommeliers. At Under the Influence we want to encourage and promote the unique cultures of our learners to shine through, and the values and culture of the companies they represent. We like to communicate with the companies we work with beforehand and blueprint linked to their brand standards.

  • Communication - a big part of confidence. We aim to bring out a massive focus on communication skills.

  • Coaching - this is linked to our methods. We aren't trainers, we are coaches. We encourage working in teams, not standing at a lectern. We promote fun sessions, drills, group work, teamwork, flipping the classroom (the learners become the teachers). Our end goal is to enable management to become coaches.

  • Hard skills - we work on hard skills through scenarios and practical assessments

  • Brand knowledge - we believe in story telling and need to bring this out. This is a big focus for our online University -

  • Mindset - we focus on mindset and creating an understanding of +1s

  • Analogy driven teaching - make the content relevant to the culture and place

Learning should be continuous and not just interventionist. Our coaching and daily bite Beverageintelligence modules are designed to deliver this, along with strong practical and communication skills. Click here to have a look at some of our most popular beverage and hospitality training modules. Click here to enquire on how you can access our Beverageintelligence training programs as an Under the Influence customer.

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