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Under the Influence of Hamilton Russell Vineyards

Our mission as a company is to bring better beverages to Africa, and one of our very first partners in this journey was Hamilton Russell vineyards. The people and the place behind their wines is presented in this short sip of a showcase. The full Beverageintelligence course is available to our customers across Africa. Hamilton Russell is well worth a visit if you are in the Hermanus area - check them out here.

Under the Influence of Elgin

It is a fairly well known fact that farmers are hard working and decent folk. They battle the elements, and only then battle the markets, to finally present us with fresh fare, or sleek bottles of beautiful wine. One place that has been battling the elements of late is our original home base, Cape Town. The drought has had a huge impact on farming and living habits of Capetonians. It is fairly common now to see Capetonians post photographs of baths and showers with utter relish when they travel to wetter climes. This makes a welcome change from selfies on the Seapoint promenade. However, wet wipes and recycling every last drop of H2O is the name of the game in a city that is tipped to run ou

Dealing with the drought in the Cape Winelands

Currently the Cape Winelands around Cape Town are experiencing the worst drought on record, and this has been a massive challenge for the city and the surrounding farms to deal with. Recently we were asked by The Independent in the United Kingdom on how the wine farmers in the Cape were dealing with the situation. Have a look at the article here. Our CEO at Under the Influence had this to say: “This is predicted to be the smallest wine harvest since 2005,” says Allister Kreft, chief executive of wine distributor Under the Influence. “In the Swartland a lot of the vines are dry farmed, and these producers in particular are really struggling. Overall though, vines are weeds and they’ll take a

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