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Under the Influence of Elgin

It is a fairly well known fact that farmers are hard working and decent folk. They battle the elements, and only then battle the markets, to finally present us with fresh fare, or sleek bottles of beautiful wine. One place that has been battling the elements of late is our original home base, Cape Town. The drought has had a huge impact on farming and living habits of Capetonians. It is fairly common now to see Capetonians post photographs of baths and showers with utter relish when they travel to wetter climes. This makes a welcome change from selfies on the Seapoint promenade. However, wet wipes and recycling every last drop of H2O is the name of the game in a city that is tipped to run out of water in April. Or at least it was!

Last week the farmers donated 10 billion litres of water to Cape Town. 10 BILLION! Have a look here.

That buys the city an extra 20 days in the race to reach (hopeful and replenishing) winter rains.

So today, we raise a glass to the amazing people of Elgin. Here is a little field report we filed last year about this amazing wine making region. Thanks to some of our incredible brand partners, and all the farmers in the region for what you have done. Let's all club together and buy at least 10 billion litres of wine from them over the next few years!

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