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New year, new you, new drinks trends

So 2020 has arrived, along with a brand new decade! We went exploring the world of wine and drinks for the latest trends. Here are a few that stand out for us: 1. Digestifs are back baby! The Gin craze has not slowed down, and it is fitting that some of the best G+T experiences and products are now coming from the African continent. We continue to be a fan, and have an array of Gs and Ts to satisfy every sunset. We are very excited, however, about a growing trend, aimed more at the after dinner experience. The humble digestif is making a comeback. From barrel aged cocktails, to aged rums and brandies, to hand crafted Old Fashioned cocktails, the rich and decadent digestif is back! Instead of

Under the Influence of Spekboom

To kick off our Under the Influence Tree-bate we set out as a team to plant spekboom at our year end function and at our new warehouse. This is truly a miraculous little plant, endemic to South Africa. Spekboom is one of the most effective carbon storing plants in the world. In fact, it is 10 times more effective at removing CO2 from the atmosphere than a hectare for hectare forest in the Amazon! Read more about this miracle plant here. We were also really excited to have launched our Tree-bate program with Seedballs Kenya, with 48,000 seedballs donated for a conservative estimate of 9,600 trees to successfully grow from those carefully crafted seedballs. These will be distributed by Big Lif

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