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Beverageintelligence Learning - First Term of 2021

After our online Wine101 course which we have launch in July 2020, we are extremely happy to present three new additional Masterclasses courses launching beginning of March for this new term at Beverageintelligence University.

As we are going through difficult times together, all our new courses are still available at no costs to our clients across Africa. Let’s continue to practice our skills and stay sharp to continue to offer the best service.

Register your learners here (as a client or Partner of Under the Influence) for Wine101 or the three Masterclasses courses.

Each Masterclass course explore three different wine farms: Bosman, Ken Forrester and Iona where all learners will be guided by the winemakers or owners themselves. All courses follow a similar outline:

1. Introduction, History and Philosophy

2. Location

3. Vineyard Practice

4. Winemaking

5. Brand Wine Range

6. The Ultimate Test Your Knowledge

7. Discussion Forum

These courses are available to all learners that have successfully completed and pass the Wine101 course by achieving a minimum grade of 70%.

For those who couldn’t complete or who have passed the Wine101 course, it is still available and we are happy to offer it those learners again. Here is a welcome video to the first term of 2021, good luck!

While we are launching these three masterclass courses to our learners across Africa, our production team keeps on developing new ones. Watch this space from June this year where we will present our Bar101 course as well as additional masterclass courses!


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