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Under the Influence Podcast #7 | Fana Motsumi | Wine Advisor

We are on location at beautiful Vumbura South camp in Botswana for this iteration of our Under the Influence podcast. We sit down with Fana Motsumi, a wine steward at Wilderness Safaris, who has taken an incredible journey of self belief, self activation and learning and mentorship in the world of wine and hospitality.

Fana has completed our Wine 101 online course, 3 Masterclasses, and a Wine Advisor trip to Cape Town. He has also had the good fortune to be mentored by the experienced and energetic Sommelier, Alfred Muswaka, who we are very lucky to have worked with in Cape Town, Madagascar, and now Botswana. Wilderness has really invested in their staff, and we are launching an expanded wine program with them to grow the next generation of confident and knowledgable Wine Advisors in Botswana.

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