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Out and about with the Under the Influence team

Whilst we have been cooped up safely indoors for much of the last year, the team has also managed to make the most of windows of travel to engage with customers and partners. We love seeing our team's faces, so here is a little love letter to them!

Here our fearless leader in Kenya, Diane, hosting a special set of talks and tastings for the Roar Africa Women's Empower Retreat 2021.

Josh, our Zambezi region leader, managed to visit our beloved Victoria Falls, and will be back soon. The water is now officially pumping and Victoria Falls has been vaccinated. Incredible work by the authorities there.

Chad and Richard were lucky enough to experience the full Hamilton Russell treatment when visiting with our Malawi partners, Wines and Wings.

Richard and Boyd, our Zambia warehouse and customer success champions, were part of a launch of Zambia's very first craft gin!

Allister found a new use for the thermometer at Lekkerwater Beach Lodge, to ensure the wine is served at perfect temperature for Guests. Hint! It must be less than 36.6 degrees celcius!

Wow it feels good to have our unflappable COO Zara back in South Africa, after a long stay in the UK. Here she is wrestling with some perfectly ripe Cabernet Franc, heading to Radford Dale.

So if you are ever in the Stellenbosch area, please come and join us at our new and improved warehouse, which holds a BEAN THERE coffee shop. That is correct, no Ricoffy in this warehouse. Proudly brought to you by Chad (New business Director) and Richard (Customer success lead).

After harvest action pictured below, with a deserving glass of bubbly. Talia heads up our group accounts (second from right), with Andrew (warehouse team) and Pete (Ops Manager) behind her.

Our secret cellar studio has been busy! Watch this space for upcoming release podcasts with Colin Bell (legend of the safari industry) and Joseph Dhafana (a Sommelier's journey to making incredible wines).

Best dressed DEFINITELy goes to our head of customer success in Kenya, Lynette. This is one of the few times you will see her without her phone to her ear and laptop on her lap!

Stelio, our CTO and head of all things software at Under the Influence was spotted in a Swedish forest in 2020. Somehow he also managed to deliver the Together Store and our new online university.


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