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Under the Influence of Storytelling

They say that Switzerland is the home of hospitality globally, but we beg to differ. Service and excellent hospitality management perhaps, but the home of true Guest experience, hospitality and hosting must be Africa. From a fire side story under the stars in Hwange, Zimbabwe, to the bond and shared stories with Guests between a tracker and guide in the Sabi Sands. A magical lamp filled forest for dinner in the Masai Mara, anticipating your every every need and want and designing your experience around that in the breathtaking Seychelles. Africa has the people and the beautiful places to create the most unforgettable memories for Guests. An Old Fashioned cocktail served after dinner in the Okavango Delta beats any bar on earth!

The essence of this style of service in Africa is the ability to take Guests on a journey outside of their normal lives. Instead of service being effortlessly at the periphery, it becomes interwoven in the Guest experience.

A big part of the training we do around beverage and service is linked to story telling. Interweaving your story as a property, or staff member, with the wine / experience makes an indelible mark, and speaks to your values. Yes, a Sauvignon Blanc does go with your lunch, and has cut grass flavours but knowing that it has been chosen because of the incredible conservation work the winemaker does suddenly creates a value and purpose driven offering.

Speaking to the WHY of your offering, rather than the WHAT, has a meaningful impact. We see this happening more and more in the properties we work with. It is a big focus of our new training offering this year, as we embark on our coaching and story telling journey with our clients and the incredible people of Africa. The home of hospitality and Guest experiences.

A cheese and wine stop on a cool afternoon in the Sabi Sands

A cheese and wine stop on a cool afternoon at Kirkman's camp in the Sabi Sands, with the wine story hand written for Guests. The smallest vineyard in South Africa - Bein Wines.

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