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The power of ongoing learning

One of our goals with all of our customers, and Partner's customers, in Africa is to create an ongoing learner journey for their team. Training should not be a once-off intervention, but rather a long term path that one takes, with constant growth. This should include live training, e-learning tools and coaching programs. Read more about our philosophy here.

We were so delighted to read a recent article by one of our shining star learners, Adlight Muhambi, who shared her story of wine and hospitality learning. We feel that it perfectly captures the balance of the programs we offer, matched with a focused and motivated individual, and a property like Angama, who cares for and invests in their staff. Well done Adlight! Here is an extract from the article, but please read the rest here, at the Angama blog.

"When I arrived at Angama, nearly eight years ago, I didn’t know a thing about wine. In the first few months, before the lodge had even opened, we had wine training with Allister from Under the Influence. I was hooked. This is where my wine journey began, and it has taken me to so many places.

In February 2020, Angama sent me to visit Cape Town on a wine tour. It was harvesting season in the Cape, and I was able to learn about the entire process of winemaking and witness it, too — from the different varieties of grapes, to the harvest, the crushing and pressing process, and fermentation through to aging and bottling. I learned about South Africa’s sparkling wines made using the methode cap classique (MCC) and — my favourite part — the art of wine tasting." - Adlight Muhambi

Notes from the Angama editor:

Adlight gives special thanks to Allister, Zara, Diane and Sarah from Under the Influence who taught her from when she was a beginner. She has since signed on to their online Beverage Intelligence courses and has passed the exams and attributes her passion for wine to them and their careful instruction.


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