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Beverageintelligence Cape Wine Advisor Program

Under the Influence has a huge focus on hospitality and beverage training. We believe, that as a beverage company our work begins when our customers receive their wines and craft products. To achieve this we have created the Beverageintelligence training program, and one of the pillars of this is the Cape Wine Advisor course.

Every year we invite the top performers from Level 3 in our Learning journey, to join us on an intensive Cape Town based beverage training course. Our aim is to not just teach hard skills, but enable the Wine Advisors to speak to their Guests and customers with confidence about the people and places behind the wines, craft beers and spirits. A focus on brands delivers a focus on how these beautiful products are made. We conduct winemaker Masterclasses in vineyards and cellars, and also visit some top Somms in the Cape, in their restaurants, to learn from the best.

Have a look below at their journey. Click here to see more about our Beverageintelligence support and training program for our customers. Here is a sample itinerary from a previous course. There is no better way to learn about wine, than to immerse yourself with the people who make it and in the places it is grown.

2024 Cape Wine Advisor visit

2018 Cape Wine Advisor visit

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