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Beverageintelligence end of Term 2 Leaderboards - 2022

Here is a little update, honour roll, and some end of term leaderboards for our top performing learners in Term 2 of 2022! Well done to all of you who worked so hard in the courses. Our learner journey is ongoing and we will continue to walk this path of hospitality and wine learning with you.

This past term, 1st June to 30th November 2022, has been an excellent opportunity for all of you to progress on your wine and service learning journey with Under the Influence. We are extremely happy to see so many of you progressing from Wine101 to the Masterclass Courses and by doing so, opening some spaces for your colleagues to start their journey next term. It’s a teamwork!

Congratulations to all learners that have achieved outstanding results and who made it onto the final Wine101 leaderboard. See the Masterclass leaderboards further down the blog post.

There are also a few learners and team members that have shown extra commitment which we would like to congratulate personally!

  • The Night Owl learner who study at night between two shifts: Lawrence Jiba, Bumi Hills – African Bush Camps

  • The Best Individual who completed many Masterclass Courses: Paul Kirui, Governor’s Camp – Kenya

  • The Shining Star who started at the University recently but is achieving great results: Trent Jannah – Wine and Wings – Malawi

  • The Best Education Coach, that goes beyond her role to make sure her team are all on track on the Online University: Doris Maziwisa, Wilderness - Rwanda

Each one of them will receive a cork opener, a wine notebook, the latest edition of the Platter’s South African Wine Guide as well as a special certificate.

The next term will start on the 9th January next year and will run until the 31st May 2023. The month of June will be a holiday month. Each of you who has completed and passed their course (remember the pass mark is 70% for all courses) will have access to new courses in January.


  • Remember to sign up to our WhatsApp group next year for bonus videos and top tips when you start your courses. You will get the invite in your enrollment email.

  • From next term, all Ultimate Test Your Knowledge Tests (the final test for each course) will have a time limit of 24 hours.

  • Ask us and the other students any questions at the end of each course on the Discussion Forum Page. Let’s all learn and interact with each other.

  • Follow our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels to keep in touch with us and continue learning while enjoying our podcasts.

See below for a sneak peak of our latest podcast, exploring Cabernet Sauvignon and outlier wine regions with David Trafford. And more leaderboards from our Masterclasses below that. We are so excited to be launching the much anticipated Wine Advisor course later in 2023, with Joseph Dhafana as your mentor.

Beverageintelligence Masterclass Leaderboards

Every term we release new Masterclasses for our learners to engage directly with winemakers, and their stories and unique places, enabling them to share first hand sips of knowledge with their Guests. Here are the top performers for each Masterclass in Term 2 of 2022.

Beverageintelligence Country Leaderboard

We broke down some of the performances of learners per country and here are the top performing countries, based on all of the Top 10 leaderboards. Well done to Zimbabwe, closely followed by Rwanda!


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