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Top wine storeage tips

We are all in lockdown mode over this time, and many of you will be make sure your properties are carefully looked after before Guests flood back like the Zambezi River of 2020! We wanted to share a few wine storeage tips with you to make sure that your valuable liquid assets are well looked after. Here is also a clip from our Wine101 course, outlining them.

  1. Temperature - try to ensure your wines are stored in the coolest possible place. If your wine room or cellar isn't cool enough for longer term storage then you can consider moving the wines to a cold room or walk in fridge that isn't being used at the moment.

  2. Bottles must be on their sides - I think this is one of the simplest and quickest "wins" for wine storeage in Africa. Our climate is typically quite dry, especially in the winter months, and upright bottles basically dry the cork out and allow oxygen into the bottle. Make sure to store all of your corked wine bottled (including bubbly) on their side.

  3. Stock rotation - now is also a great time to get into the cellar and see which older vintages have been stuck at the back of the shelf, and not been rotated through. Especially on the white wines. Try and do an audit of your wines so you can really maximise your inventory returns when you re-open in full.

Just shout if you need any further tips and input! We are there to assist :-)

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