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Why wine buffs and the bush are a match made in heaven - via We Are Africa

Melissa Twigg interviewed our CEO Allister Kreft on the ultimate wine experience; sipping it on safari in Africa.

Wilderness Safaris Little Makalolo team with their certificates after attending a training course with Under the Influence – photos are via Wilderness Safaris

“Drinking a really special wine is such a tactile experience”, he says. “It is totally linked to the land where the wine comes from, the people who you share it with, and the place you are drinking it in. There are very few places in the world that are better to experience a world-class bottle of wine than on a safari. You aren’t drinking it in a sterile, brightly lit restaurant environment. On the contrary, the sights, sounds and smells of the bush are all around you, and this really enhances the experience.”

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About the author:

Melissa Twigg is a freelance journalist writing about art, fashion, people, travel and the environment, specialising in Africa and Asia. She previously worked for Hong Kong Tatler as features editor and then as managing editor for regional titles, and currently freelances for publications such as The South China Morning Post, The Sunday Times and The Business of Fashion.

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