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UI Podcast #13 | David Trafford | Cabernet Sauvignon and pioneering wine regions

We are delighted to welcome a humble legend of the wine industry into the podcast studio, David Trafford. At Under the Influence, we have had a long association with De Trafford wines, and more recently with Sijnn, their Malgas property. David and Allister also talk about a new project they have embarked on; the De Trafford "Belfield" Cabernet Sauvignon. This Elgin Cabernet Sauvignon is farmed by Belfield farm, and carefully crafted by David, seeking out the cooler climate expression of this noble grape (with a splash of Merlot from the same vineyard). With current winter conditions in the Cape, this podcast is ideally paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon and warm fire nearby!

David Trafford, owner & winemaker, qualified as an Architect from the University of Cape Town in 1988 and worked as a full time Architect until 1994. David traded architecture for Wine & Wife by leaving work and marrying Rita, qualified chef & aspiring artist. Living in the middle of the vineyard and close to the winery, they watch over all aspects of the business.

David also founded the magnificent Sijnn winery, in the Malgas region, on the Breede river. He has quietly but confidently innovated so much in the South African wine tapestry, and we this discussion uncovers more of this journey.


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