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The Together Store journey

We are so grateful to our Under the Influence customers and partners across Africa, who have been massively challenged by 2020, but have also shown incredible innovation and resilience. Our small "pivot" project, the Together Store, a fine wine and local produce digital deli, has grown beyond all expectations. In that process it has also provided ourselves, our partners and our brand partners much needed sales and an exciting new channel. Here are a few highlights from Blog posts in the different stores. We are also very excited to unveil two new stores in December, in Botswana and Ghana. The Together Store will showcase the finest wines and local produce in 5 countries in Africa. Here is to all the hustle and bustle and "making a plan" that our team and partners have shown. Cheers to you all!

We are all in this crazy world together, and 2020 has shown that more than any other. Thanks to all of you who stood together, and worked together, as we all navigate into 2021. Raise a glass to your efforts!


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