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Beverageintelligence Mid Term 2022 Leaderboards

We are so proud of the incredible set of Learners who dedicated time and effort to their ongoing wine and hospitality education journey this last term. As we reach mid term this month, we want to honour all of you, and say a big well done! Here are some extra special achievers, highlighted in this Term's Leaderboards. Please have a look at our updated Learner Journey and Training ethos too.

Wine101 Leaderboard

Anthonij Rupert Masterclass Leaderboard

MAN Family Wines Masterclass Leaderboard

Bosman Masterclass Leaderboard

Vilafonte Masterclass Leaderboard

Ken Forrester Masterclass Leaderboard

Iona Masterclass Leaderboard

The power of Education cannot be underestimated. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow all the latest podcasts and Top Tips.

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