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The Beverageintelligence platform has the following four major pillars, enabling our customers and partners across the African continent.

Order Guide

Order directly off your list, with suggestions based on seasonality and varietal popularity. Your ordering algorithm gets more powerful over time, especially when plugged into our benchmarking tools.

List Performance

Monitor your list over time and analyse which inventory items are working well for you as well as those that may need to shift off your menu. Your performance page starts to track your Guest preferences. 


Access our new E-learning platform, which enables story telling and the art of suggestion around beverages to your Guests. This along with our coaching tools gives your team the ability to deliver a powerful Guest experience. 


We believe in partnering with our customers to achieve success. This is why we provide a frequent sipping program, which rewards you with additional training and Beverageintelligence services based on purchases. 

An introduction to the courses, and what to expect in our Beta roll out phase. 


We have trained over 20 000 beverage learners across 22 countries in Africa, and have seen the power of education grow hospitality people in their careers. We believe in three pillars of learning, which include classroom, coaching and e-learning. We have incorporate these into our Beverageintelligence Learning tools. 

Welcome to an overview of our e-learning Beverage Masterclasses. This is the way we learnt about wine. By meeting the winemakers and learning from the best, you can not only grow your knowledge, but also grow a range of stories to share with your Guests about the unique people and places behind the wine. You can share in and understand the journey from berry to bottle. 

B.I. Learning
New features
Beverageintelligence list management
  • The best way to learn about any topic is as an apprentice to the Masters themselves.

  • Welcome to the Beverageintelligence. Masterclasses from South Africa's leading winemakers.

  • Not only will you learn about how to share stories of the brands to your Guests, but also about the incredible subject of wine from the best teachers on the subject!

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.42.04.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.43.57.png
Beverageintelligence online learning
  • Beta test three Brand story telling courses in the next term as a prelude to our SA Wine Masterclass currently being filmed.

  • Link to live (and recorded) lectures on the Art of Suggesting Wine course

  • Enroll 3 of your top staff members.

  • You can also access our Cheat Sheets and Wine List descriptions for coaching staff on an ongoing basis.

Beverageintelligence hospitality training
  • Monitor and manage your inventory returns with the up to date List Performance page.

  • Use this information with your Account Manager to optimise your offering based on Guest preference over time. 

  • Poor performing items can also be rectified with training modules. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.46.44.png

We are extremely excited to be sharing these Beta test features with you, but just for your peace of mind, what does Beta actually mean? Well, we want to ​release features that we believe can help you optimise your inventory, and have better trained team members. We don't think we have reached the end goal of what those features look like yet, but want to get your feedback on what we have achieved and then improve them. We are looking forward to continuously improving our service to you.

Please CLICK HERE to login into your Beverageintelligence account. 


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